This was a project that I started working on for fun around the start of 2020. I haven't programmed in Java for a while, so I felt like touching up on my skills for the computer science class that I had just started taking as the new semester rolled around. I never completed it, as I kind of worked myself into a dead end with how I structured the code. With 1000s of lines of codes, there was no way I was going back and changing everything. This project was never meant to be taken that seriously in the first place, but nevertheless I'm still proud of the final product. I only hardcoded the waves up until wave five, but it would be very easy to add as many rounds as desired. Unfortunately there is no sound, and the game cannot enter full screen, though it is still a fun way to pass time.

Below are the images for the skills upgrade menu and the weapons shop menu.

These are what I'm most proud of. Now I'm not an artist by any means, but I'm sure I could easily fool you with how some of these turned out. I drew all of these out in Adope Photoshop one by one, and added each of them to the game. This isn't all of them, but these are my favourites.