About Me


Gabriel Carey

I'm a year old from Ontario currently studying Aerospace engineering at Carleton University. Ever since high-school I've developed a passion for designing and making things, be it software, electrical, mechanical, or a mix of everything. I like to be well-rounded, so I tend to self-teach myself the sciences and engineering disciplines outside of my degree. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

I attended high school at Earl of March Secondary School from 2017-2021. In the 10th grade I took a computer science elective which was my first time ever programming anything other than an MC command block. Starting literally from Scratch, this is where I started taking an interest in software development and programming. In the 11th grade I took a basic computer engineering course that properly introduced me to simple electric circuits, piquing my interest in something other than programming. Ever since then I've continued to learn a little bit about everything.


E.o.M Secondary School


Carleton University

BEng - Computer Systems Engineering

Carleton University

BEng - Aerospace Engineering

Although I spend a lot of time making and learning new things, I believe it's good to have some balance in life. One of my main favourite pastimes is strength training. Some of my other hobbies include swimming, calisthenics, guitar, bass, speedcubing, airsoft, recreational shooting, and of course the occasional gaming. I actually used to swim with the Nepean Kanata Barracudas at the provincial level for a few years in high school. In late 2022 I started a YouTube channel so that I could document all of my PRs in the gym. Speaking of, here's a video. Also - don't forget to like subscribe and hit that bell!

With how busy things can get, sometimes I find it difficult to manage my time. One goal I have currently is to learn more languages. My native tongue is English, though I can speak some French and Spanish, and about an infant's level of German if that's worth anything. I'm also a part time puppy lover!