This game is the spiritual successor to Java Zombies. I created it as my summative for my grade eleven computer science class. It used a lot of what I had learned from making Java Zombies, except it is more fleshed out and actually complete. However I wanted to go a step further and make a multiplayer game that could be played on different networks. Unfortunately, the scope was too large for that, but I was still able to make a LAN multiplayer game that is pretty fun with friends. The basic premise of the game is to eat other players and try to survive for as long as you can and get as many kills as you can. The game starts out with 50 bots, and each client that joins the server replaces a bot until the server is filled with actual players. With how the spawning works, sometimes bots can spawn right on top of you so it can be pretty difficult to survive.

I also implemented several different settings that are commonly found in similar games. For example, you can switch between a dark and a light theme and set custom keybinds. The very last image is a Help screen that briefly explains how to play the game.