4x4x4 LED Cube (v1)

This was my very first project involving anything other than a keyboard and a computer screen. It was for the summative for my grade eleven computer engineering course. It was also my first time properly soldering for an actual project, hence why some of the connections are not that great, although in my defence soldering the copper wires together, especially vertically stacking the layers was no easy task-especially for a first time solderer. The amount of soldering I had to do in such a short amount of time for a newbie burned me out. No literally, I got first degree burns and a permanent scar on my forearm from the time that I slammed my table and burned my skin with a 400 degree celsius soldering iron.

Below is an image of the circuit I created to drive the LED cube. It's basically just a bunch of NPN BJTs, with gate resistors and an IR receiver to receive signals transmitted from a remote to control the animations. I used a breadboard because I had already spent enough time soldering for this project, and I had never soldered on a PCB/protoboard before so I kept things simple.

Here are some short videos of several of the animations (I believe that there were at least 10 in total). The first one goes up and down, the second one outlines small cubes, and the last one is a sine wave.