Hobby Projects

Sometimes I like to screw around with whatever excess materials I have laying around. Custom building PCs is always a fun thing for me to do, although it's not exactly something I can do every week. One hobby I picked up was modding Nerf guns, as I like how creative I can get with the mods, and besides who doesn't like a super loud trenbolone Nerf gun shooting 15 rounds a seconds. The best they could ever do was leave a couple of welts, nothing more than that. The most basic thing I would do everytime is rewire the internals with 16 awg silicone wiring, new SPDT omron switches, and potentially new motors and a MOSFET to drive them, oh and a of course a 12v LiPo battery to supply high current to the motors and really get the party started. Also if you haven't yet been able to tell, I really like my blue LEDs. Like a lot. Personally I believe that you can always have more LEDs, but maybe that's just me.